The Training Simulation Centre

The Purpose of the Centre — training of Medical University students and listeners to the practical skills, the formation of professional competencies.

The main directions of the strategy

  • participation in the development and implementation of modern management system with all kinds of activities which are oriented on quality;
  • participation in the modernization of the content of the educational process, taking into account the latest achievements of science, engineering and technology; creation of a system of advanced training in the interests of the projected development of medicine;
  • increasing the use of the system of new forms of teaching foreign students and residents;
  • active cooperation with employers on the formation of the requirements for the content and assessment of the quality of educational programs; participation in the development of the strategic partnership on the basis of a system of training on cycles of thematic on the orders of institutions and health organizations and social services, employers and other stakeholders;
  • expand the scope of information support of educational activity;
  • improving the quality of teaching and methodical, logistics, information and personnel support of the educational process of the University;
  • formation of social and personal competencies, and education of pupils.

TSC Objectives

  • Improving of technical-material and educational provision of a simulation training in high school.
  • Formation of professional competence of students of the University for the practical component of training.
  • Evaluation of the practical training of students at the university.
  • Organization and carrying out activities aimed at continuous improvement and development of practical training of students at the university.


TSC Options

  • Informing about the composition of professors and teachers faculty, staffs and students of management policies in the sphere of increasing the quality of practical training of students of the University.
  • Develop a long-term plan of development and continuous improvement of a simulation training for the improving of practical training of students at the university.
  • Development of proposals on the increase of the skills, training and retraining of personnel of the University in the field of education quality.
  • Development of proposals on the practical training improvement of students at the University.
  • Methodical and consultative support on the implementation of a simulation training methods.
  • Consulting and practical assistance to teachers and students of the University on a simulation study.
  • Provision of the conditions for the formation and improvement of professional competencies of students of the University for the practical component of training.
  • Conduct and analysis of the results of sociological researches on the satisfaction evaluation of the quality of training of students on the basis of


The structure of the Training Simulation Center (TSC) includes laboratories located at the bases of  KSMU:

  • Emergency Improving Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Laboratory (10, Pirogov St.),
  • Laboratory for Improvement of Surgical Skills (3, K. Marx St.; 45 «a», Sumskaya St.; 14, Pirogov St.)
  • Propaedeutic skills Laboratory (100, Mayakovsky St.)
  • «Pediatrics» Laboratory (11 «a», Koltsov St.)
  • «Nursing» Laboratory ( 45 «a», Sumskaya St.)
  • «Dentist» Laboratory (6, Yamskaya St.)
  • Clinical Psychology Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)
  • «Hygienist» Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)
  • «Physicochemical analysis» Laboratory (18, Yamskaya St.)
  • «Social Assistance» Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)
  • «General Practitioner (GP)» Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)
  • «Interactive Training» Laboratory (3, K. Marx St.)

TSC activities are provided by staff and freelance employees (employees of relevant departments).