The library of the Kursk state medical university was founded in 1935at the same time as the institute which obtained the status of a university in 1994.

Today the library registers more than 300 thousand visits a year, provides service to 20 thousand users, gives out 600 thousand publications and disposes of over 700 thousand copies of different kinds of editions – books, magazines, newspapers, CD documents. Annual receipts come up to 15 thousand copies, and subscription for periodicals amounts to 200 titles.

The library has reading rooms in all the university buildings, the total area of which is almost 1750 sq. m., taking into account the medical pharmaceutical college. Currently within the library structure there are five specialized circulation departments (of educational medical literature, social and humanitarian literature and fiction, pharmaceutical literature, scientific literature, foreign literature), three specialized reading rooms, catalogues room and electronic library room, the department of the medical pharmaceutical college library.


The right of using the KSMU library resources belongs to:

  • the teaching staff, workers, postgraduates (intramural and extramural)medical residents, interns, Postgraduate Faculty audience, KSMU students of all study modes;
  • the teaching staff, students and workers of the medical pharmaceutical college.

External users (readers) are given a right of free service in the reading room.

Users (readers) have a right to use the basic types of library and information services:

  • to obtain publications, documents or their copy from the unified library stock for temporary use in the reading room or in the circulation department;
  • to get full information about the library resources and services;
  • to get consulting assistance in the search of the necessary documents;
  • to extend the period of using the library documents according to procedure established by the library;
  • to use documents from the stocks of other libraries, in case of their absence in the unified library stock, through inter-library loan system;
  • to use personal self-powered technical devices on silent mode (laptops, etc.)in the reading room;
  • to use the publications received at the circulation departments and personal volumes in the reading room having informed the librarian on duty about it;
  • to use additional services of the library.

Electronic Library Resources

The access of the users (readers) is arranged to:

  • the KSMU library databases through local area network from computer work stations in reading rooms and in the remote information technology center;
  • remote access via the Internet and the KSMU web-site.

Searching for relevant information the user (reader) has a right to get access to the open Internet information resources and digital resources the access to which is paid by the university. Personal computers (PC) in the library must be used only for scientific and educational purposes. While working with the Internet resources and full-text digital resources users (readers) are obliged to observe Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2006 № 230-FL, regulating the issues of authors’ and related rights.

In the library it is strongly forbidden to install on PC any software not installed by the Informatization Centre of the university. If it is necessary, the librarian on duty consults the user (reader) about the rules of work with the integrated library system, library databases, etc. To be able to use full-text electronic documents through remote access the user (reader) gets a username and a password.

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